Background Note | HBS Case Collection | September 1993 (Revised July 1995)

Public Policy and the Manager: Conceptual Framework

by Willis M. Emmons III


Government intervention in markets may have significant effects--both positive and negative--on a firm's strategic options and its performance outcomes. Thus the ability to analyze the origins, implications, and dynamics of public policy is a critical managerial skill in today's market economies. This note provides managers with a framework for analyzing relationships between public policy, business strategy, and performance. Designed in particular for use in the Harvard MBA course Capitalism Constrained. The conceptual framework is applied to managerial settings in the environmental, energy, transportation, media and communications, financial services, and health and safety sectors.

Keywords: Policy; Management Skills; Government and Politics; Adoption; Business Strategy; Performance Evaluation; Economic Systems;


Emmons, Willis M., III. "Public Policy and the Manager: Conceptual Framework." Harvard Business School Background Note 794-028, September 1993. (Revised July 1995.)