Background Note | HBS Case Collection | September 1993 (Revised December 1993)

Note on Pricing and Public Policy

by Willis M. Emmons III


Surveys a number of essential issues related to pricing and public policy in market economies. Begins with a brief review of the price-determination process in competitive markets, then examines a range of topics involving pricing and public policy in monopoly and oligopoly markets. Includes a number of graphs that illustrate the relationship between costs, demand, price, efficiency, and profitability under various market conditions.

Keywords: Price; Business Strategy; Policy; Valuation; Management Analysis, Tools, and Techniques; Competition; Economic Systems; Monopoly; Duopoly and Oligopoly; Cost;


Emmons, Willis M., III. "Note on Pricing and Public Policy." Harvard Business School Background Note 794-027, September 1993. (Revised December 1993.)