Case | HBS Case Collection | April 1999 (Revised October 2001)

Motive Communications

by Jeffrey F. Rayport, Marco Iansiti, Myra M. Hart, William W Chan and Find Findsen


The founders of Motive Communications, Inc., a recent start-up dedicated to reinventing the support chain involved in the delivery of information technology support services, put in place a development process hinged on extensive customer feedback. As part of this, a select group of "lighthouse customers" agreed to pay $50,000 to participate in beta testing--but as a deadline approached, none had sent in their checks. The founders therefore reevaluate the lighthouse policy and its rationale.

Keywords: Business Startups; Customer Relationship Management; Risk and Uncertainty; Information Technology Industry;


Rayport, Jeffrey F., Marco Iansiti, Myra M. Hart, William W Chan, and Find Findsen. "Motive Communications." Harvard Business School Case 699-157, April 1999. (Revised October 2001.)