Teaching Note | HBS Case Collection | April 1999

Managing Experimentation: Module Overview Note for Managing Product Development(Note for Instructor)

by Stefan H. Thomke


Describes the conceptual foundations and pedagogy for a module on managing experimentation in the development of products and services. The module has been taught in the second-year elective MBA course Managing Product Development. The purpose of the module is to help students learn how development activities should be structured, organized, and led such that they fully leverage the potential of new and evolving technologies that are changing the economics of experimentation. The material addresses many issues that need to be understood to manage experimentation activities successfully, ranging from structured experimentation to managing experimentation processes under technological change. Although the material is designed for a general management audience and requires no prior technical training, these new technologies have been thoroughly explained at a level that is sufficient for understanding and appreciating the managerial complexities involved. At the same time, students with technical backgrounds will find the material not only enriching but also relevant to their own career ambitions.

Keywords: Transition; Business or Company Management; Product Development; Personal Development and Career; Science; Technology Adoption;


Thomke, Stefan H. "Managing Experimentation: Module Overview Note for Managing Product Development(Note for Instructor)." Harvard Business School Teaching Note 699-138, April 1999.