Case | HBS Case Collection | March 1999

MySoftware Company (A)

by H. Kent Bowen and Nicole Tempest


In 1997, Gregory Slayton took the position as CEO of MySoftware, which had been experiencing revenue and operating losses for the past two years. Within 90 days, he stabilized the company through a combination of cost cutting, financial discipline, and accountability at all levels of the organization, and aligning employee and customer incentives with corporate goals. The challenge ahead was to return the company to profitable growth. Slayton and his management team identified four potential growth opportunities for the company: 1) building its profitable annuity-based products, 2) expanding its distribution channels, 3) increasing its partnerships with OEMs, and 4) pursuing a new Internet business opportunity. He knew he would need to consider the revenue potential of each opportunity, and the investment, resources, and level of management attention required. He would also have to gauge the impact that these factors would have on MySoftware's core business. Slayton and his team were meeting the following week to make a final decision on which of the four opportunities the company should pursue over the next year.

Keywords: Decisions; Cost Management; Profit; Employees; Growth and Development Strategy; Operations; Outcome or Result; Partners and Partnerships; Internet; Software; Information Technology Industry;


Bowen, H. Kent, and Nicole Tempest. "MySoftware Company (A)." Harvard Business School Case 699-121, March 1999.