Case | HBS Case Collection | April 1998

Becton Dickinson: Worldwide Blood Collection Team (Abridged)

by Clayton M. Christensen


Becton Dickinson's Vacutainer business was largely based in the United States, but in 1980 management determined to grow the business aggressively first in Europe and then Japan. These areas demanded new products that were tailored to local markets. Despite the change in strategy, the resource allocation process continued to allocate development resources to U.S.-targeted products.

Keywords: Resource Allocation; Growth and Development Strategy; Change Management; Product Development; Global Strategy; Expansion; Innovation and Invention; Multinational Firms and Management; Medical Devices and Supplies Industry; United States; Europe; Japan;


Christensen, Clayton M. "Becton Dickinson: Worldwide Blood Collection Team (Abridged)." Harvard Business School Case 698-058, April 1998.