Case | HBS Case Collection | January 1998

Connecticut Spring and Stamping Corp. (C)

by H. Kent Bowen, Massimo Russo and Steven J. Spear


Andy Youmans, executive vice president of CSSC, joins a group of U.S. executives on a tour of Japanese factories that practice the TPS. Three of the factories produce products similar to CSSC's, and even though they use similar equipment, they are significantly more productive. Once he returns to the United States, Youmans needs a plan to dramatically change his company, knowing that the three Japanese firms have significantly better performance (more than four times the revenues per employee). How can he replicate the Japanese companies' capabilities?

Keywords: Managerial Roles; Performance Improvement; System; Organizational Change and Adaptation; Performance Productivity; Training; Quality; Business Ventures; Competency and Skills; Production; Adoption;


Bowen, H. Kent, Massimo Russo, and Steven J. Spear. "Connecticut Spring and Stamping Corp. (C)." Harvard Business School Case 698-039, January 1998.