Teaching Note | HBS Case Collection | May 1997

Product Development Performance, Instructor's Note

by Marco Iansiti


Focuses on what constitutes product development performance and how it is assessed. Performance, as explained in both the note and in the materials for this three-session module, refers to the performance of both the product and the organizational process producing it. Moreover, the two are not independent but should instead reflect each other. At the same time, there is no one, best, approach to achieving superior performance. However, as the course materials and the module note emphasize, excellence stems from the careful design and implementation of the activities constituting the three critical foundations introduced in the previous module, Product Development Foundations.

Keywords: Management Practices and Processes; Infrastructure; Product Development; Production; Performance Evaluation;


Iansiti, Marco. "Product Development Performance, Instructor's Note." Harvard Business School Teaching Note 697-108, May 1997.