Teaching Note | HBS Case Collection | May 1997

Product Development Process, Organization and Improvement, Instructor's Note

by Marco Iansiti


Explores how development projects fit (or do not fit) within a firm's development strategy and its wider competitive goals. Module materials, and this note, focus on two broad approaches to process design (sequential and flexible) that were originally introduced in the first module (Introduction and Overview), detailing how they are organized, the environments for which they are most appropriate, and how process design itself can be a source of organizational improvement. In addition, the materials in this module integrate all the learning generated from previous modules, as well as the knowledge students have gained from their own projects.

Keywords: Goals and Objectives; Management Practices and Processes; Product Development; Performance Improvement; Competition;


Iansiti, Marco. "Product Development Process, Organization and Improvement, Instructor's Note." Harvard Business School Teaching Note 697-106, May 1997.