Teaching Note | HBS Case Collection | May 1997

Introduction and Overview: Managing Product Development, Instructor's Note

by Marco Iansiti


The first module, comprising three cases and a team exercise, provides an impressionistic look at all the issues raised in greater detail in subsequent classes. It thus enables students, who come to the course with a range of experience and skills, to get up to speed on product development essentials. In essence, it teaches students a common language and a common knowledge base that they will use not only in classroom discussions but in their own project activities. This note shows how the module material links both to subsequent material and to issues student teams are grappling with as their projects get underway.

Keywords: Experience and Expertise; Product Development; Projects; Groups and Teams;


Iansiti, Marco. "Introduction and Overview: Managing Product Development, Instructor's Note." Harvard Business School Teaching Note 697-104, May 1997.