Case | HBS Case Collection | October 1996 (Revised April 1997)

Team New Zealand (A)

by Marco Iansiti and Alan D. MacCormack


The case describes the development process used by Team New Zealand to design their two yachts for the 1995 America's Cup. During development, the team makes extensive use of simulation and physical prototyping to improve the initial design concept. As they approach construction, they must decide whether to build both boats at the same time and, if so, whether to vary their designs. The decision hinges on evaluating the benefits of different experimentation strategies. Includes color exhibits.

Keywords: Product Design; Design; Product Development; Sports; Ship Transportation; Research and Development; Situation or Environment; Decisions; Sports Industry; New Zealand;


Iansiti, Marco, and Alan D. MacCormack. "Team New Zealand (A)." Harvard Business School Case 697-040, October 1996. (Revised April 1997.)