Case | HBS Case Collection | December 1996 (Revised July 1997)

Studio Realty

by Clayton M. Christensen and Bret J. Baird


Studio Realty created an "electronic open house" technology, by which home buyers sitting in a comfortable setting, could tour a home, viewing its rooms, its exterior, and surroundings, by clicking on digital images. Studio Realty attempted to sell or license its system to realtors, but found that none were interested. Ultimately, its owners had to establish their own real estate agency in order to create demand for the technology. The case closes with the question of whether homes can be sold with this technology over the Internet.

Keywords: Technological Innovation; Online Technology; Sales; Demand and Consumers; Failure; Innovation and Management; Market Entry and Exit; Real Estate Industry;


Christensen, Clayton M., and Bret J. Baird. "Studio Realty." Harvard Business School Case 697-036, December 1996. (Revised July 1997.)