Case | HBS Case Collection | February 1996 (Revised April 2004)

Eli Lilly and Company: Innovation in Diabetes Care

by Clayton M. Christensen


Summarizes Eli Lilly's history of innovation in its business, describing how the dimensions along which innovations have been made in the industry have changed. Lilly's innovation strategy has been to pursue ever higher performance products, while others in the industry have pursued more convenient products. At the time of the case, Lilly is contemplating offering services, not just products, to diabetic patients.

Keywords: Change; Product; Service Delivery; Product Development; Innovation and Management; Innovation Strategy; Health Care and Treatment; Pharmaceutical Industry;


Christensen, Clayton M. "Eli Lilly and Company: Innovation in Diabetes Care." Harvard Business School Case 696-077, February 1996. (Revised April 2004.)