Case | HBS Case Collection | November 1995

Transformation of Pratt & Whitney North Haven (D)

by H. Kent Bowen, Linda A. Hill, Andrew P. Burtis, Sylvie Ryckebusch and John Schiavone


Because of conflicts between the vapor coat and pack coat cells over the decision to purchase new grit blast equipment, Business Unit Manager Tom Hutton has decided to form a second capital purchase team that will represent the pack coat cell. Meanwhile, the first capital purchase team has decided to purchase MacCormick equipment, traditionally considered less reliable than other equipment. Hutton is having misgivings about his decision to empower workers to purchase equipment, and wonders whether he should approve the purchase.

Keywords: Decisions; Capital; Employees; Organizational Culture;


Bowen, H. Kent, Linda A. Hill, Andrew P. Burtis, Sylvie Ryckebusch, and John Schiavone. "Transformation of Pratt & Whitney North Haven (D)." Harvard Business School Case 696-069, November 1995.