Case | HBS Case Collection | April 1995 (Revised December 1997)

Silicon Graphics, Inc. (A)

by Marco Iansiti and Ellen Stein


Based on a Silicon Valley company that has developed the capability to compete in a rapidly growing, highly turbulent environment. This capability hinges on its flexible and rapid development process, which the case characterizes in detail. Focuses on the development of the Challenge server, a critical product with which Silicon Graphics, Inc. (SGI) plans to expand its product line and customer base. The project is in its critical "bring-up" stage, close to its scheduled launch. Ron Bernal, the project leader, needs to decide whether the product is ready for shipment. The issues that face him in this decision capture the essential challenges of SGI's product development approach.

Keywords: Product Development; Hardware; Product Launch; Managerial Roles; Expansion; Design; Software; Computer Industry; Electronics Industry; California;


Iansiti, Marco, and Ellen Stein. "Silicon Graphics, Inc. (A)." Harvard Business School Case 695-061, April 1995. (Revised December 1997.)