Case | HBS Case Collection | March 1995 (Revised July 1996)

Mattson Foods, Inc. (Revised): The Bardolini Division

by Steven C. Wheelwright


The Bardolini Division of Mattson Foods, with plants in the northeast and midwest, wants to open up the western market for its pizza. Management must decide whether to build a new plant on the West Coast, and what type of technology to put in the plant if they decide to build it. The case addresses the issue of building a plant for marketing purposes and raises a number of logistical issues, including transportation and warehouse economics. A rewritten version of an earlier case.

Keywords: Logistics; Emerging Markets; Business Startups; Decision Choices and Conditions; Business Plan; Capital Budgeting; Expansion; Buildings and Facilities; Strategic Planning; Marketing Strategy; Technology; Economic Systems; Food and Beverage Industry;


Wheelwright, Steven C. "Mattson Foods, Inc. (Revised): The Bardolini Division." Harvard Business School Case 695-058, March 1995. (Revised July 1996.)