Case | HBS Case Collection | May 1994 (Revised March 2008)

Barilla SpA (A)

by Janice H. Hammond


Barilla SpA, an Italian manufacturer that sells to its retailers largely through third-party distributors, experienced widely fluctuating demand patterns from its distributors during the late 1980s. This case describes a proposal to address the problem by implementing a continuous replenishment program, under which the responsibility for determining shipment quantities to the distributors would shift from the distributors to Barilla. Describes support and resistance within Barilla's different functional areas and within the distributors Barilla approached with the proposal.

Keywords: Order Taking and Fulfillment; Logistics; Supply Chain; Technology; Food and Beverage Industry; Manufacturing Industry; Italy;


Hammond, Janice H. "Barilla SpA (A)." Harvard Business School Case 694-046, May 1994. (Revised March 2008.)