Case | HBS Case Collection | March 1994

Bose Corp.: The JIT II Program (A)

by Roy D. Shapiro and Bruce Isaacson


Bose Corp. is evaluating an unusual plan to manage relationships with vendors that supply components for Bose speakers. The company must decide: 1) which planning and ordering activities should be performed by Bose and which can be performed by vendors, 2) how much access vendors should have to Bose computer systems and facilities, and 3) how to adapt vendor relations as the company grows or as markets change. Students are asked to consider both the buyer's and the vendor's perspective on the buyer-seller relationship.

Keywords: Supply Chain Management; Planning; Production; Alliances; Order Taking and Fulfillment; Electronics Industry;


Shapiro, Roy D., and Bruce Isaacson. "Bose Corp.: The JIT II Program (A)." Harvard Business School Case 694-001, March 1994.