Case | HBS Case Collection | April 1993 (Revised November 1994)

Chiron Corp.

by Steven C. Wheelwright


Pablo Valenzuela, vice president of R&D at Chiron Corp., faces several choices for how to allocate scarce resources across several promising projects. These choices will determine Chiron's position in several emerging biotechnology and diagnostic markets, including tests for hepatitis C, HIV infection, and others. Valenzuela must examine Chiron's capacity, its strategy, and the character of the opportunity, including the impact of these choices on joint venture partners.

Keywords: Health Testing and Trials; Research and Development; Failure; Business Strategy; Joint Ventures; Strategic Planning; Opportunities; Product Development; Biotechnology Industry; California;


Wheelwright, Steven C. "Chiron Corp." Harvard Business School Case 693-052, April 1993. (Revised November 1994.)