Case | HBS Case Collection | October 1992 (Revised October 1993)

Lehigh Valley Industries (LVI)

by Kim B. Clark


Describes a situation confronting a manufacturer of forged parts that has recently undergone a leveraged buyout. The company is under pressure to improve operating performance dramatically. Describes several options designed to improve performance, including adding capacity to bottleneck operations, reducing setup times, and improving the reliability of operations. Contains sufficient information to allow students to analyze the options and ground decisions in an understanding of the current manufacturing process. Can be used ideally as a summary in a module on process analysis or to illustrate the challenges of improving operating performance with minimal capital investment.

Keywords: Management Practices and Processes; Product; Production; Performance Improvement; Capital; Manufacturing Industry; Industrial Products Industry;


Clark, Kim B. "Lehigh Valley Industries (LVI)." Harvard Business School Case 693-040, October 1992. (Revised October 1993.)