Case | HBS Case Collection | September 1991 (Revised September 2010)


by Janice H. Hammond and Audris Wong


Dore-Dore, a French manufacturer of socks and children's knitwear, has just converted a portion of its knitwear operations to a flexible modular system to allow faster response and greater flexibility. The case provides an opportunity to assess the changes in knitwear operations, and to evaluate whether a similar conversion to modular is appropriate for socks. Other opportunities for lead-time reduction can also be examined. Can be used to illustrate the impact of changing from a traditional linear batch operation to manufacturing cells and the impact of operating system design and lot size on through-put time, quality, productivity, etc. In addition, provides an opportunity to discuss channel lead time reduction.

Keywords: Order Taking and Fulfillment; Logistics; Production; Performance Productivity; Apparel and Accessories Industry; France;


Hammond, Janice H., and Audris Wong. "Dore-Dore." Harvard Business School Case 692-028, September 1991. (Revised September 2010.)