Case | HBS Case Collection | July 1990

Ceramics Process Systems Corp. (B)

by Kim B. Clark and Brent D. Barnett


Ceramics Process Systems (CPS) is an advanced ceramics company facing problems with lead time in product/process development, and late delivery of prototype parts to its customers. Engineering is confronted with difficult technical problems and multiple objectives (i.e., meet customer requirements for prototype parts, build technical capability). Kathryn Sundback, head of development for molded products, must deal with the lead time and delivery problems on current products while making choices about and allocating resources to several new projects that marketing has developed. The case gives students the opportunity to examine engineering capacity, the nature of the development process, managing the set of projects as a whole (i.e., mix of project type, resource allocation) and customer interaction in a dynamic, technical, and market environment. May be used with Ceramics Process Systems Corp. (A).

Keywords: Product Development; Business Processes; Management Practices and Processes; Supply Chain Management; Machinery and Machining; Goals and Objectives; Resource Allocation; Customer Satisfaction; Customer Value and Value Chain; Manufacturing Industry;


Clark, Kim B., and Brent D. Barnett. "Ceramics Process Systems Corp. (B)." Harvard Business School Case 691-006, July 1990.