Case | HBS Case Collection | May 1990 (Revised August 1990)

Campbell Soup Co.

by Steven C. Wheelwright


Describes the engineering effort at Campbell Soup Co. to develop a microwavable package and product for the growing convenience segment. Focuses on the role of engineering services in developing the production process, acquiring and installing equipment, and getting the process up and running. Students must address not only the status of the current project, but also the future steps that must be taken to complete that project successfully. Even more broadly, engineering's role as a reactive service organization vs. increasing demands that will require a proactive strategic advantage-based organization must also be addressed. Written from the perspective of the head of the engineering group at Campbell Soup Co.

Keywords: Product Development; Production; Engineering; Strategy; Business Processes; Innovation and Management; Planning; Competitive Advantage; Food and Beverage Industry; Retail Industry;


Wheelwright, Steven C. "Campbell Soup Co." Harvard Business School Case 690-051, May 1990. (Revised August 1990.)