Case | HBS Case Collection | November 1988

Honeywell Residential Division: New Product Development

by Steven C. Wheelwright


Describes three different product development efforts at the Residential Controls division of Honeywell, Inc. Each of the three projects was for a different market and competitive environment. Each was tackled in a somewhat different way within the Honeywell Engineering organization, and the results from each were quite different. Also describes the new product development procedures that have been used historically at the Residential Division, and some of the current thinking regarding future changes in these procedures. Provides an opportunity to contrast the factors that impact success of product development across three quite different projects and to see how the organization's approaches to product development impact the success in those varying environments. Also provides an opportunity for students to examine the engineering function and some of the key issues in managing that functional group. Finally, the path for changing the approaches to product development can be addressed, contrasting an incremental evolutionary approach to such procedures versus a complete replacement of those procedures by a new set.

Keywords: Product Development; Construction; Outcome or Result; Situation or Environment; Business Divisions; Product Design; Change Management; Construction Industry;


Wheelwright, Steven C. "Honeywell Residential Division: New Product Development." Harvard Business School Case 689-035, November 1988.