Case | HBS Case Collection | September 1984 (Revised February 1989)

Benetton (A)

by James L. Heskett


The world's largest manufacturer of woolen outerwear garments seeks to extend its retailing network to the United States from its base in Europe. A number of issues concerning marketing, manufacturing, and logistics strategy are raised by the proposed move along with specific questions about how the move should be managed. The case describes a well-thought-out, functionally integrated strategy for Europe in a way that allows assessment of its applicability for a proposed U.S. effort.

Keywords: Logistics; Brands and Branding; Networks; Production; Marketing Strategy; Globalization; Apparel and Accessories Industry; United States; Europe;


Heskett, James L. "Benetton (A)." Harvard Business School Case 685-014, September 1984. (Revised February 1989.)