Case | HBS Case Collection | August 1998 (Revised August 2002)

MicroFridge: The Concept

by John A. Deighton


Robert Bennett, who has a Master's degree in engineering, wants to exploit his idea to combine a refrigerator, freezer, and 500-watt microwave into an 87-pound, 4-foot-high appliance to sell to college students. Bennett must decide which markets to serve, which competitors he must contend with, with whom to collaborate, and what core capabilities to build.

Keywords: Marketing Strategy; Decision Choices and Conditions; Leadership Style; Sales; Product Development; Competitive Strategy; Partners and Partnerships; Demand and Consumers; Consumer Products Industry;


Deighton, John A. "MicroFridge: The Concept." Harvard Business School Case 599-049, August 1998. (Revised August 2002.) (request a courtesy copy.)