Case | HBS Case Collection | April 1999 (Revised August 2004)

Women's Professional Basketball and the American Basketball League

by Stephen A. Greyser and Natalie Zakarian


Chronicles the growth and development of women's professional basketball. Particular emphasis is on the impact of Title IX, the 1996 women's gold medal Olympic team, and the advent of the American Basketball League (ABL). The structure and "basic business model" of the ABL are described along with its various revenue sources. Encourages discussion of the conditions that favor women's professional sports in the late 1990s.

Keywords: Business Model; Problems and Challenges; Sports; Gender; Planning; Growth and Development; Sports Industry;


Greyser, Stephen A., and Natalie Zakarian. "Women's Professional Basketball and the American Basketball League." Harvard Business School Case 599-031, April 1999. (Revised August 2004.)