Case | HBS Case Collection | March 1998 (Revised November 1999)


by John A. Deighton and Anthony St. George


How should USA TODAY use its brand franchise to build a publishing business on the World Wide Web? Advertising Age described the first steps as "a case study in how not to do it," but by the end of 1997 USA TODAY Online is the most visited news site on the Web. Now the challenge is to become profitable. The case explores the migration of a powerful newspaper brand to the Internet, the design of the product and delivery system, and alternative sources of revenue.

Keywords: Online Advertising; Design; Profit; Revenue; Brands and Branding; Marketing Strategy; Web; Information Industry;


Deighton, John A., and Anthony St. George. "USA TODAY Online." Harvard Business School Case 598-133, March 1998. (Revised November 1999.) (request a courtesy copy.)