Case | HBS Case Collection | November 1996 (Revised December 1996)

Rogers Communications, Inc.: The Wave

by John A. Deighton, Karsten Voermann and Reginal Gilyard


Rogers Communications, Inc., Canada's largest cable television provider, is deciding how it should respond to developments that appear to portend the convergence of its industry with the computing and telecommunications industries. In particular, it is investigating how it should test the market for high-speed Internet access via cable modem. This case describes decisions that need to be made to bring this service to market in a suburb of Toronto.

Keywords: Decisions; Innovation and Invention; Marketing Strategy; Market Entry and Exit; Internet; Wireless Technology; Consumer Behavior; Technology Adoption; Telecommunications Industry; Canada;


Deighton, John A., Karsten Voermann, and Reginal Gilyard. "Rogers Communications, Inc.: The Wave." Harvard Business School Case 597-050, November 1996. (Revised December 1996.) (request a courtesy copy.)