Background Note | HBS Case Collection | December 1996 (Revised July 2002)

Note on Marketing and the Internet

by John A. Deighton, Alison Berkley and John Barabino


The World Wide Web is new, a comprehensive marketing environment. It is a medium for direct marketing, for retailing and distribution, for the delivery of service and product elements, for marketing research, and even for posting and testing prices. This note explores the features of this environment. It contrasts the web with older, broadcast media and evaluates the web as a medium for doing business. It examines the structure of the industry that is emerging to support marketing on the web.

Keywords: Marketing; Web; Online Advertising;


Deighton, John A., Alison Berkley, and John Barabino. "Note on Marketing and the Internet." Harvard Business School Background Note 597-037, December 1996. (Revised July 2002.)