Case | HBS Case Collection | July 1993 (Revised March 1995)

Millipore Corporate Strategy

by Nitin Nohria and V. Kasturi Rangan


Millipore, a $750 million (sales) company with three divisions, had been growing at a rate of 20% in the 1970s, but this growth rate had slowed considerably in the 1980s. CEO John Gilmartin was looking for ways to reenergize the organization and redirect its strategy to achieve a 15% growth rate for the coming decade.

Keywords: Problems and Challenges; Corporate Strategy; Restructuring; Growth and Development Strategy; Goals and Objectives; Business Processes; Organizational Structure;


Nohria, Nitin, and V. Kasturi Rangan. "Millipore Corporate Strategy." Harvard Business School Case 594-009, July 1993. (Revised March 1995.)