Case | HBS Case Collection | November 1992 (Revised June 1994)

Packaged Products Company: Handy-Pak Introduction

by Frank V. Cespedes and Laura Goode


The product manager and the market research director for a new line of snacking nuts are reviewing options concerning the upcoming roll-out of the product. These options include changes in pricing, promotional plans, and salesforce incentives intended to build support for the products across the various distribution and trade channels required for targeted sales goals.

Keywords: Price; Marketing; Marketing Channels; Product Launch; Distribution; Planning; Research and Development; Sales; Salesforce Management; Alignment; Consumer Products Industry; Service Industry;


Cespedes, Frank V., and Laura Goode. "Packaged Products Company: Handy-Pak Introduction." Harvard Business School Case 593-057, November 1992. (Revised June 1994.)