Case | HBS Case Collection | December 1992 (Revised June 1996)

Siemens Corporation (A): Corporate Advertising for 1992

by Stephen A. Greyser and Norman Klein


Describes the approach of the German-based multinational company, Siemens Corp., to establishing an identity in the United States. The specific goals for the 1991-92 corporate advertising campaign are described. Examples of print and television messages are included, using the core theme "That was then--This is now." Target audiences are identified, and the program's media, budget, and methods of evaluating the campaign are also described. Acquaints students with the objective and detailed program specifics of corporate advertising campaigns. Examines how a non-U.S. based company seeks to build corporate awareness and identity in the U.S. despite very limited product exposure to consumers.

Keywords: Advertising Campaigns; Trade; Marketing Strategy; Market Entry and Exit; Performance Evaluation; Germany; United States;


Greyser, Stephen A., and Norman Klein. "Siemens Corporation (A): Corporate Advertising for 1992." Harvard Business School Case 593-022, December 1992. (Revised June 1996.)