Case | HBS Case Collection | January 1989 (Revised December 1991)

British Airways: ""Go for It, America!"" Promotion (A)

by Stephen A. Greyser


Senior marketing executives of a major international airline are deciding on a strategy to address a crisis situation precipitated by a series of terrorist acts. The company is experiencing the worst downturn ever in its U.S.-U.K. travel business due to media reports and resulting consumer perceptions that Europe is under a "reign of terror." Alternative strategies range from doing nothing to staging an ambitious sales promotion. Major issues include: the role of sales promotion in addressing consumer perceptions of a life-and-death issue (i.e., terrorism), and the implementation and integration of advertising, sales promotion, and public relations efforts within a compressed time frame.

Keywords: Advertising Campaigns; Crime and Corruption; Crisis Management; Management Teams; Time Management; Marketing Strategy; Perception; Value Creation; Travel Industry; United Kingdom; United States;


Greyser, Stephen A. British Airways: ""Go for It, America!"" Promotion (A). Harvard Business School Case 589-089, January 1989. (Revised December 1991.)