Case | HBS Case Collection | December 1986 (Revised November 1989)

Hewlett-Packard: Manufacturing Productivity Division (A)

by Benson P. Shapiro and Lawrence B. Levine


In late summer 1986, the management of the Manufacturing Productivity Division (MPD) of Hewlett-Packard (HP) was in the process of making major market selection and product policy decisions. MPD is a small division which develops and markets manufacturing productivity software (materials management, MRP, etc.). The product policy decisions included degree of product customization and choice of operating systems (UNIX or not?). The relationship between the marketing and research and development functions is a major issue.

Keywords: Business Divisions; Marketing; Product Marketing; Market Entry and Exit; Production; Research and Development; Manufacturing Industry;


Shapiro, Benson P., and Lawrence B. Levine. "Hewlett-Packard: Manufacturing Productivity Division (A)." Harvard Business School Case 587-101, December 1986. (Revised November 1989.)