Case | HBS Case Collection | January 1986 (Revised November 2006)

Peripheral Products Company: The 'Gray Market' for Disk Drives

by Frank V. Cespedes


In mid-1985, the vice president of marketing for a large manufacturer of disk drives is considering how to deal with a growing "gray market" for his company's products. The case provides good background material on the evolution of gray markets throughout the disk drive industry, and raises related issues of pricing policies, distribution strategy, and sales force management. A condensed version of Note on the Disk Drive Industry, and Peripheral Products Co.

Keywords: Price; Growth and Development; Code Law; Leadership; Marketing; Distribution; Production; Salesforce Management; Strategy; Distribution Industry;


Cespedes, Frank V. "Peripheral Products Company: The 'Gray Market' for Disk Drives." Harvard Business School Case 586-124, January 1986. (Revised November 2006.)