Case | HBS Case Collection | April 1986 (Revised May 1989)

Alloy Rods Corp.

by Frank V. Cespedes


In July of 1985 the managers of Alloy Rods (who recently purchased the company through a leveraged buyout arrangement) find that their chief competitor (a company more than 6 times as large as Alloy Rods) has introduced a new product clearly aimed at Alloy's most profitable market segment. Management must frame a response, and a prime focus of the battle will be among distributors. Provides an excellent vehicle for comparing very different channel strategy and channel management philosophies, and also confronts students with the necessity of developing implementable marketing programs within the context of a financially-constrained organization.

Keywords: Leveraged Buyouts; Business Strategy; Business or Company Management; Financial Strategy; Marketing Strategy; Marketing Channels; Product Development;


Cespedes, Frank V. "Alloy Rods Corp." Harvard Business School Case 586-046, April 1986. (Revised May 1989.)