Case | HBS Case Collection | September 1981 (Revised August 1987)

CIBA-GEIGY Agricultural Division

by Benson P. Shapiro and Roy H. Schoeman


In 1979 Leo Bontempo, marketing vice president of Ciba-Geigy Agricultural Division was deciding whether to purchase an $840,000 program for TeleSession. This was a marketing service designed to accelerate the adoption of new products among large innovative growers by promotional telephone conferences with others who had used the products. Raises a variety of communications issues and introduces diffusion of innovation concepts.

Keywords: Marketing Strategy; Innovation Strategy; Communication; Agriculture and Agribusiness Industry;


Shapiro, Benson P., and Roy H. Schoeman. "CIBA-GEIGY Agricultural Division." Harvard Business School Case 582-026, September 1981. (Revised August 1987.)