Book | 1994

The Making of Global Enterprises

by G. Jones


This volume presents new insights on the history of international business. Two main themes are addressed: how and when has global business developed over the last century? and what has been its impact on host economies? The volume includes a pioneering study by Mira Wilkins which ranks host economies over time throughout the world by size of inward investment, an essay by Geoffrey Jones and Frances Bostock which discusses the dimensions and characteristics of 685 foreign companies which established British manufacturing subsidiaries between 1850 and 1962, and a case study by Akira Kudo of IG Farben's transfer of technology and management to interwar Japan.

Keywords: Business Subsidiaries; Economy; Trade; Globalized Firms and Management; Economic History; Technology;


Jones, G., ed. The Making of Global Enterprises. London: Frank Cass, 1994.