Book | 1987

Banking and Oil

by G. Jones


This is the second of two volumes of a business history of a major British bank in the Middle East. Volume 1 traces the history of the bank from its foundation in 1889 as The Imperial Bank of Persia, through the years it was the state bank of Iran, and its development of modern banking in that country, to the ending of its links in 1952. This volume tells the story of how the bank pioneered modern banking in much of the Gulf, including Kuwait, Dubai and Oman, and how it built successful businesses in Iran, Jordan and elsewhere in the Middle East despite political and eocnomic turbulence. The book also explores the acquisition of the BBME by HSBC in 1959, and how it became the basis of that bank's extensive Middle Eastern business today.

Keywords: Mergers and Acquisitions; Economics; Banks and Banking; Government and Politics; Growth and Development; Business History; Problems and Challenges; Iran; Jordan; Kuwait; Oman; Dubai;


Jones, G. Banking and Oil. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1987.