Book | 2000

Merchants to Multinationals

by G. Jones


This book examines the evolution of multinational trading companies from the eighteenth century to the present day. During the Industrial Revolution, British merchants established overseas branches which became major trade intermediaries, and later engaged in foreign direct investment. Complex international business groups emerged controlling lare investments in Asia, Latin America, and Africa. These firms constantly re-invented themselves, and this study examines their competences in information-gathering, relationshipbuilding, human resource, and corporate governance systems.

Keywords: Competency and Skills; Trade; Foreign Direct Investment; Multinational Firms and Management; Corporate Governance; Growth and Development; Human Resources; Information Management; Relationships; Corporate Strategy; Africa; Asia; Latin America;


Jones, G. Merchants to Multinationals. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2000. (Winner of Newcomen-Harvard Book Award Given once every three years to the best work in the field of business history published in the United States.)