Case | HBS Case Collection | September 1996 (Revised June 1998)

InterSoft of Argentina (B)

by Linda A. Hill and Stacy Palestrant


Focuses on InterSoft of Argentina, a growing software company in Argentina. In 1993, InterSoft acquires a Russian software company and Emilo Lopez, the vice president and director of InterSoft's Systems Software Lab, must manage a creative, cross-cultural, "virtual" team. This case reveals a quarrel that arises over e-mail between an Argentine programmer and a Russian programmer. Lopez, as the manager of the development team, must decide how to handle the situation. Since the exchanges between these programmers were preserved in e-mail files, this case provides a unique opportunity to analyze a conflict situation as it escalates.

Keywords: Software; Cross-Cultural and Cross-Border Issues; Business Growth and Maturation; Mergers and Acquisitions; Management Teams; Groups and Teams; Partners and Partnerships; Conflict Management; Information Technology Industry; Argentina; Russia;


Hill, Linda A., and Stacy Palestrant. "InterSoft of Argentina (B)." Harvard Business School Case 497-026, September 1996. (Revised June 1998.)