Case | HBS Case Collection | May 1999 (Revised March 2008)

Husky Injection Molding Systems

by Jan W. Rivkin


Husky, a Canadian maker of injection molding systems, has established an enviable position in the market for plastics processing equipment. The company builds the highest performance systems in the business and charges a hefty premium for them. Husky is enjoying robust growth and record profits in 1996 when competitors attack its core markets. As financial results deteriorate rapidly, founder and CEO Robert Schad must decide how to defend Husky's traditional markets and whether to expand beyond those markets.

Keywords: Market Entry and Exit; Rank and Position; Competition; Expansion; Industrial Products Industry; Canada;


Rivkin, Jan W. "Husky Injection Molding Systems." Harvard Business School Case 799-157, May 1999. (Revised March 2008.)