Case | HBS Case Collection | September 1994 (Revised September 1994)

Acer Group, The: Vision for the Year 2000

by D. Quinn Mills and Richard C. Wei


In the early 1990s, Acer, Inc. set two goals: to be a top-five PC company worldwide in 1995 and to be a global consortium of companies by the year 2000. The company identified potential obstacles concerning capital, image, number of experienced international managers, and marketing experience in foreign markets, and devised a strategy to reach its goals. This case examines the company's strategy in the context of changes in the PC industry.

Keywords: Mission and Purpose; Goals and Objectives; Management Analysis, Tools, and Techniques; Organizational Structure; Global Strategy; Multinational Firms and Management; Experience and Expertise; Marketing Strategy; Production; Rank and Position; Business Strategy; Capital; Computer Industry; Japan;


Mills, D. Quinn, and Richard C. Wei. "Acer Group, The: Vision for the Year 2000." Harvard Business School Case 495-001, September 1994. (Revised September 1994.)