Case | HBS Case Collection | March 1994 (Revised May 1994)

Lisa Benton (A)

by Linda A. Hill


Lisa Benton is in her fourth month as an assistant product manager at Houseworld, a leading consumer products company. She has been on the job since graduating from the Harvard Business School, and she has been frustrated from the start by a lack of responsibility, by her poor relationship with her boss and a colleague, and recently, by the negative performance review she received. Concerned about her future at Houseworld, Benton is considering calling her former boss from her summer job to inquire about a position. An updated version of an earlier case.

Keywords: Problems and Challenges; Jobs and Positions; Power and Influence; Relationships; Consumer Products Industry;


Hill, Linda A. "Lisa Benton (A)." Harvard Business School Case 494-114, March 1994. (Revised May 1994.)