Case | HBS Case Collection | April 1992 (Revised June 1993)

Otis South Africa (A)

by Michael Beer


Otis Worldwide CEO, George David, was frustrated with the slow pace of nonwhite advancement within Otis South Africa. After a few years of trying to elicit action from South African management, he decided to send a 28-year old U.S. employee to take over as the human resource manager. Between them, they were charged with boosting nonwhite advancement drastically and with improving the company's operational performance, which had slipped in the early 1980s.

Keywords: Business Subsidiaries; Multinational Firms and Management; Race; Operations; Business Headquarters; Performance Improvement; Human Resources; Cross-Cultural and Cross-Border Issues; Industrial Products Industry; South Africa; United States;


Beer, Michael. "Otis South Africa (A)." Harvard Business School Case 492-049, April 1992. (Revised June 1993.)