Case | HBS Case Collection | February 1992 (Revised March 1995)

Amelia Rogers at Tassani Communications (A)

by Linda A. Hill


Describes a conflict that has arisen between an account manager and a creative director at Tassani Communications, a Chicago-based advertising agency which is making the transition from entrepreneurial to professional management. The client, the marketing director of a muffler repair chain, has called the account manager to complain about the creative director's behavior. The account manager must figure out what to do. The object is to provide students with an opportunity to grapple with the challenges of managing relationships with peers and superiors. Students can discuss managing 1) cross-departmental relationships, 2) interpersonal conflicts, and 3) creativity.

Keywords: Rank and Position; Conflict Management; Change Management; Entrepreneurship; Practice; Behavior; Creativity; Problems and Challenges; Advertising Industry; Chicago;


Hill, Linda A. "Amelia Rogers at Tassani Communications (A)." Harvard Business School Case 492-034, February 1992. (Revised March 1995.)