Case | HBS Case Collection | June 1991 (Revised June 1993)

Becton Dickinson (B): Global Management

by Michael Beer


The president of Becton Dickinson (BD) and his top management team struggle with issues of: 1) how to manage the top of the organization, focusing on leadership style, the committee structure, and the role of sector presidents, and 2) how to manage a multinational business. BD implements transnational organization and worldwide product teams. The teaching objectives are to: 1) understand the relationship between corporate strategy and the organization and management of a global organization, and 2) understand the implications of global management for the human resource function.

Keywords: Globalized Firms and Management; Multinational Firms and Management; Human Resources; Leadership Style; Management Teams; Corporate Strategy; Health Industry;


Beer, Michael. "Becton Dickinson (B): Global Management." Harvard Business School Case 491-152, June 1991. (Revised June 1993.)