Case | HBS Case Collection | February 1991 (Revised June 1993)

Ross Perot and General Motors

by Jay W. Lorsch


In December, 1986 the General Motors Board of Directors must decide whether to accept the buyout agreement between GM and Ross Perot, a director of GM and its largest stockholder. The agreement called for GM to purchase all of Perot's GM shares in exchange for his resignation from the GM board and his resignation as Chairman of EDS, the company Perot founded in 1963 and sold to GM in 1984. The case chronicles a history of the Perot/GM merger, and the friction between Perot and GM management which led to the buyout agreement.

Keywords: Leveraged Buyouts; Mergers and Acquisitions; Stock Shares; Resignation and Termination; Business or Company Management; Agreements and Arrangements;


Lorsch, Jay W. "Ross Perot and General Motors." Harvard Business School Case 491-027, February 1991. (Revised June 1993.)