Case | HBS Case Collection | February 1991 (Revised June 1991)

Raymond Jackson (A)

by Jay W. Lorsch


Professor Jackson is offered a spot on the slate of directors that Harold Simmons, Lockheed's largest shareholder, has nominated for Lockheed's board to oppose the slate nominated by Lockheed in the Spring, 1990 elections. Jackson must decide whether to join Simmons' slate. The case raises the issue of what factors one should take into account in deciding whether or not to join such a slate, and the broad question of the role of proxy fights in corporate governance.

Keywords: Business and Shareholder Relations; Corporate Governance; Decisions; Voting; Governing and Advisory Boards; Alliances;


Lorsch, Jay W. "Raymond Jackson (A)." Harvard Business School Case 491-025, February 1991. (Revised June 1991.)